How being a Mom makes me a better wedding photographer

Why Moms are Kick-Butt Wedding Photographers

When you are searching for a wedding photographer are you drawn to the photographer’s personal life, or do you back away from it?  Does your photographer’s home life play a part in whether or not you would hire them?

Sometimes I feel that being a mom to four (yes, FOUR!) kids may repel potential couples from hiring me as their wedding photographer.  Maybe they think “she must be so busy, how can she focus on us and our wedding?” or maybe they would rather hire the young hip kid-less photographer because they can relate better to their current life.

I am not sure why I sometimes think these things because at the end of the day, I hope that couples choose their photographer based on that person’s work and style and how they will capture their day, not on how many dirty diapers they change or how many nights a week they can hit the clubs :) (but trust me, I hit many a club in my day and can totally relate to those times!)  But if you are browsing my site and read my bio, and thought – hmmm… I am not at the place in my life for kids and parenting so maybe we will not relate to one another, let me tell you some reasons why being a mom makes me a kick-ass photographer and the perfect girl for the job! 



(is virtue right?)  My life at home is chaos guys! Loud, busy, crazy.  So I can keep up with your loud and crazy family at your wedding. Hair and makeup running late, kids screaming during portraits because its naptime, your almost MIL yelling at everyone to do something other than what they are doing, kinks in the day like traffic or delayed events – NO PROBLEM! I know what it’s like to get organized when needed and calm people down during times of stress. Many past couples tell me I really helped them stay calm during the wedding day and all this was taught to me by my kids!


Being around my own children all day has also taught me to WAIT for those great moments. Kids are always doing something funny or cute, and during a wedding day I constantly have an eye on the kids just waiting for the right moment to snap a fun photo! 


Acting like a ...child

Yes, sometimes you have to jump around and make stupid faces to get those kids in the wedding party to look at you and smile! And every Bride I know wants the kids in the photos to smile.  I am not afraid to do that. It's literally my everyday.  Hey, sometimes a good fart joke gets those grumpy groomsmen to smile too, and I am not afraid to do that!


Using my "Mom-Voice"


Sometimes during a wedding day, you need someone to take over and get people organized. Although most of the day I tend to stay back and observe the moments, sometimes you need someone to step in and tell the guys it’s time to get dressed because the ceremony starts in 5 minutes, or organize a large group of family members for portraits, or reassure a bride that makeup running 90 minutes over schedule is not a big deal and we will still make the wedding! Although I am typically quiet and observant through the day, I am able to take charge and be bossy when needed. 


Being Organized

Having 4 kids requires a lot of organization! If I was not organized and ready to go, our family would be late for literally everything! (ok, maybe we pretty much are)

This is also why I will send you a big questionnaire full of day-of questions and work together with you to make a schedule for your wedding day!


This is a parenting must. Juggling tasks, people, timelines, and all with a smile on your face. 

And lastly, 


Guys, I have lots! Everything you are doing now - if you are the social going-out types, I've been there (and have the T-shirt to prove it!).  If you are settling down and buying your first home, I've been there. If you are fresh out of University and trying to plan a wedding on a student debt me, I've been there!  I can offer my own insight not only for life, but for planning of your wedding and even a marriage tip or two (since that is the reason you are having a wedding in the first place, right!?)

So, if you still want to chat about YOUR upcoming wedding, send me a message and we can grab a drink and chat for hours! I can't wait! 

Behind the scenes - patience is virtue on a chaotic wedding day! 

Behind the scenes - patience is virtue on a chaotic wedding day!