Baby Callum Sneak Peeks | Newmarket Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Baby Callum Sneak Peeks | Newmarket Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I don't usually post until I have the whole gallery done, but this little man is so stinking adorable I wanted to share a few RIGHT NOW!! I did shoot most of Callum's gallery with film, so while we wait for those scans to come back, lets enjoy the instant gratification of digital :)

A Family Complete | Letters to Our Children | May 2016

A Family Complete | Letters to Our Children | May 2016

Dear my Littlest M

You are here! You are safe and sound and in my arms. Today you are 4 weeks old. Already. How does time go by so fast?

A Baby Story Part 2/4 | Baby Max | Georgetown Newborn Photographer

He is here!

You may remember me posting about Max's Mom and Dad and their precious maternity session? Well, Baby Max was born and he is adorable! I actually got to visit him twice for his newborn photos as little Maxwell wasn't too keen on photos the first time around. I actually Guest-Blogged about the situation over on Belovely You a few months back, if you care to read it!

I really love these photos. Maxwell has the sweetest Bambi vintage themed nursery. Helps that his mom owns her own vintage antique shop and has quite the eye for anything vintage and awesome! (Can you say New BFF?!)

I cannot wait until I see Max and his family time he will look so grown up! Max is part of my Grow With Me, Baby Plan which means I get to see him FOUR times in his first year! Love that.

A Baby Story - Part 1/4 | Georgetown Ontario Maternity Photographer

I love when couples decide to purchase my Grow With Me, Baby package! That means they get 4 sessions from the time of pregnancy through baby's first Birthday. The couple can decide which milestones to capture from maternity, hospital, newborn, certain months or a 1st year cake smash or session! It makes me smile knowing I get to hang out with my clients more than once and have the honour of freezing time for them. We all know how quickly time flies especially when there is a baby around!  Those tiny toes become big stinky feet way too quickly! ♥

Besides the fact I get to see these guys three more times over the next year, my favourite thing about them is that they are ADORABLE!

Despite the glooming rain clouds overhead we met at Scotsdale Farm and made it work! And even though it started pouring and I lost my car keys in a field so I had to jump in their backseat, I think they still like me! 

Baby Zach | Whitby Newborn Photographer

My BFF had a baby!!! And he is awesome and amazing and I am sooo happy for her!  Our boys are already best buddies for life!

And when you spend an entire day at their home, this is what your newborn gallery looks like.....many different poses, rooms, inside, name it! I just shot all day long. (which made it a tad more tough to cull through and pick favourites ♥)

Congrats to my bestie and her family ♥

Tell Zach to prepare for many more shoots to come!

Baby Milo | Georgetown Newborn Photographer

Baby Milo was born one day after my third babe. They will be best buddies one day. ♥

My baby even came along with me to shoot this session! It was a fun morning hanging out with this precious family. Even the family pet joined!

Me and Mine | April 2014 | Georgetown Lifestyle Photographer

Me and Mine is a monthly blog circle where a group of photographers post an image or group of images of themselves IN the photo. I recently have been cleaning up my hard drive and discovered I am in hardly any photos for the entire last year. That is sad. We went on a family trip in December, and of over 1000 photos, I am in literally one or two. That breaks my heart that I am so vain or insecure or stuck on "looking good" in a photo that my children will not even have any photos of themselves with their mommy.  Sad :(

Very grateful for this group, and this project. Project "Get in the Frame".

I did not get all three munchkins in there with me, but I did get my newest one ♥

Letters to our Sons | April 2014

Dear Oscar,

This is the first month you get to participate in my monthly Letter! Only 2 weeks old, but at the same time "eeek, two weeks old already!"

I do not even know what to write. How can you express in words how much love a newborn brings to you, to the whole family? What words will even describe that feeling? I do not think I could do justice to how the four of us feel about you so this letter may be short and described more in images, less in words. You fit right in immediately. Your big brother and sister adore you. ADORE. They want to help change diapers even! Or just hold you and maul you and kiss you and grab at you when you are nursing, which I am sure likely drives you nuts :) (it drives Mommy nuts! Who wants to be poked while they eat... come on!)

Anyway, dear Little O, we love you to pieces, we are so happy you finally graced us with your presence.  I wish for you to grow and develop and thrive and become an amazing little guy, with big brains, a kind heart, and a giving soul.  Those three things are all you need my love♥

PS...I apologize for such a big share of images....when its your baby, its hard to narrow it down!

Now head over to Fiona's site to read her letter and view her beautiful images!

Oscar | Fresh 48 | Credit Valley Hospital Mississauga | Mississauga Newborn Photographer

I cannot take credit for all of these photos. My wonderful husband took over the camera to document me with our new little guy, right after he was born. I think he did a great job for being a non-photographer. Well, I should not say that, he actually loves taking photos. But when the camera is on Auto mode only :)

I love them. I love that he captured those first moments that I held my new child. I love that I now have these images forever and I can oooh and aaah over them just as my client`s tell me they do when they see the images I took for them. And now I understand when they tell me they cry or get teary when they first see the Fresh 48 images of their own birth experience.

The second group of images I took from the confines of my hospital bed. Having my third c-section, I was stuck in bed until the evening, so I did what I could from there! I still have hundreds of photos to wade through from that first day of Oscar's life, as well as the next 4 days at the hospital.  I will get to them but for today I am going to post my OWN Fresh 48 session. Or I should say, Fresh 12....since they were all taken immediately after birth for the first few hours!

To my hubby...thank you ♥

To my new little man...I ♥ you.


Baby Rielle | Brampton Ontario Newborn Photography

2 weeks after meeting this gorgeous baby in the hospital, I had the pleasure of visiting her at home!  She was definitely loved by her sweet twin sisters! We spent a lovely morning chatting and hanging out and capturing some every day moments, as well as some more posed images as well. 

Thank you for letting me join you during this beautiful time in your lives! ♥

Logan ♥ | Fresh 48 Session | Ajax, ON Photographer

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these hospital newborn sessions?

Oh wait, yes I have! Several Times! They make my heart sing, and not just because I am due to have my own baby soon! (And yes, I have someone ready to photograph my family at the hospital too :)

Little sister met her baby brother for the first time and I was there. Such an amazing moment. And also the first time Logan's grandparents met him. I know it was tough for them to stay out of the way while I photographed the first meeting, as I am sure they wanted to grab him and snuggle him. You can see how many photos this guys has of himself already though! No one could put down the camera! I don't blame them..he is ADORABLE.

Baby R | Fresh 48 Session | Mississauga Newborn Photgrapher

I have fallen in love with hospital sessions. There is something raw, emotional, and so real about capturing those first moments when a family grows.  I like to arrive at the hospital when the older siblings first meet the new baby to capture that real excitement, or hesitation, or whatever emotion evokes the older child at that time. It can be so unpredictable.  I am open to photographing your birth story as well.  Some new moms do not feel comfortable with that intimacy and letting someone who may be a stranger into the hospital room at such a private, yet beautiful moment. A Fresh 48 Session is a great alternative as we still capture those first moments and emotions. Contact me if you wish to discuss a session like this for yourself!

Baby R is the lucky little sister to two awesome twin girls! They had already met their new baby sis before I arrived, but came back the next day to see her again. The excitement, the wonder, the was all still there.  Im sure by now they have gotten comfortable and are climbing all over her at home! ♥

Ethan is One! | Cake Smash | Georgetown Baby Photography

Little Ethan is ONE! I cannot believe it! This is the third time I have had the honour to photograph Ethan`s family! First, his beautiful mama when he was in her belly, and then when he was a newborn! Now ONE YEAR! Amazing!

Lets reminisce....

Fun at the Fair - Western Fair, London

One of my bestest friends. And her hubby. Why not hang at the fair 2 weeks before baby is due?

 This just may be how they are feeling right about now!

 I cannot wait to hold and squeeze that baby of yours!!


Love, Bee

Baby Bennett | Newmarket

He is here! Finally! I could not wait for this little guy's arrival as his Mama is one of my dearest friends!

He is such a sweetie, and I love doing these in home storytelling sessions. ♥

Even his Nana and Papa got into a couple shots, as they stopped by for a visit when I was there!

I am now booking into November for holiday photos! Contact me soon at to book your holiday card photos before its too late!

A new Addition - Baby Photography - Toronto ON Photography

Wow, wow, wow wow!!! This is how I felt when Shannon sent me an email saying they had adopted a gorgeous baby boy! SOOO excited for her and Chris, words could not even express! They had been waiting for a long time for this amazing event to happen and here they are with little J. He is awesome. Cute. Has amazing hair. And he is blessed with two wonderful parents who will spoil him, and give him the world.

You can see Chris and Shannon's journey of trying to conceive, to adoption, to becoming parents, on their blog

What to Expect When You are Not

Its a very inspiring read. Shan has always had a way with words!

She is also a guest blogger over at the "Mom at Last" Blog - see


still excited and giddy with joy for them!

Oh and did i mention, they live in an AMAZING house by the beach? My dream.

Thank you three for allowing me to share this incredible journey with you

Love Bee


 My favourite ♥

 Can you see the CN Tower?