Letters to our Sons | April 2014

Dear Oscar,

This is the first month you get to participate in my monthly Letter! Only 2 weeks old, but at the same time "eeek, two weeks old already!"

I do not even know what to write. How can you express in words how much love a newborn brings to you, to the whole family? What words will even describe that feeling? I do not think I could do justice to how the four of us feel about you so this letter may be short and described more in images, less in words. You fit right in immediately. Your big brother and sister adore you. ADORE. They want to help change diapers even! Or just hold you and maul you and kiss you and grab at you when you are nursing, which I am sure likely drives you nuts :) (it drives Mommy nuts! Who wants to be poked while they eat... come on!)

Anyway, dear Little O, we love you to pieces, we are so happy you finally graced us with your presence.  I wish for you to grow and develop and thrive and become an amazing little guy, with big brains, a kind heart, and a giving soul.  Those three things are all you need my love♥

PS...I apologize for such a big share of images....when its your baby, its hard to narrow it down!

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