Mother's Day at the Nest | Mint Room Studios Toronto

Mother's Day at the Nest | Mint Room Studios Toronto

I spent a morning at Mint Room Studios in Toronto with a whole bunch of Mamas and babes. It was such a lovely day, and I loved shooting in their new styled room, THe Nest. The room is greys and whites, and filled with adorable children’s props - which acted as both helpful and a distraction, as most props do with kids!

The Little Lumberjack | Callum is 10 Months | Newmarket Baby Photographer

The Little Lumberjack | Callum is 10 Months | Newmarket Baby Photographer

We started out about 11 months ago with Cal's Mom's maternity photos. Then he was born and we had fun at his newborn photos, and now, in the blink of an eye, this little baby is ten months old. And not only that, he is walking. Like full on walking around!

3 Littles | Film Love | Alliston Children's Photographer

Another month of joining some other awesome film photographers and showing off our new work! This month I decided to share a few of each one of my 3 little munchkins. Its been awhile since I blogged about them.  I think Tri-X is my favourite black and white film stock. A little grainy goodness but overall it always looks pretty awesome.

In order of appearance - my second (hilarious, independent, free-spirited, loving princess tomboy), my newest (sweet-as-pie go with the flow dude), and my oldest (athletic good natured sensitive old-soul)

Head over to Erin's page and check out her film goodness from DISNEY and then follow the circle to see more!! Awesome work!

One Minute With Molly | Children Portraits | Alliston Studio Photographer

what else can I say? These were just too good not to share.  She was helping me test the light in the studio for some upcoming sessions and this is what we got in literally one minute!

Ella is 8 Months! | Studio Milestone Photography | Alliston Studio Photographer

Another sweet babe in the studio this week! Actually, Ella and Logan came together. They may be dating...(but don`t tell their moms!)

Ella`s mom planned the tea party and it turned out beautiful. I am not one for big over the top props, but this worked. We kept it sweet and simple, which is what I am now offering in my new studio!

And her outfits! What a girly girl!!! We had to take breaks for wardrobe changes :) So much fun!

I think Ella should be a baby model, don't  you?

Birthday Boy is ONE! | Milestone Studio Sessions | Alliston Ontario Studio Photographer

One year ago (yesterday to be exact), I met this adorable newborn. He was only a few hours old and I was there to capture his first meeting with big sister and Grandparents. What a thrill! Those precious one-time moments make me love my job to pieces! And now...Logan is ONE! How crazy is that!? He is sweet and funny and cute and you will see from these photos - a future supermodel! Tyson Beckford's got nothing on this guy! 

On a side note -  I now have an in home studio to capture those little milestones - birthdays, simple portraits, headshots, and more! The decor is simple and bright and natural.  Send me a message to set one up!

Ethan is One! | Cake Smash | Georgetown Baby Photography

Little Ethan is ONE! I cannot believe it! This is the third time I have had the honour to photograph Ethan`s family! First, his beautiful mama when he was in her belly, and then when he was a newborn! Now ONE YEAR! Amazing!

Lets reminisce....