A Family Complete | Letters to Our Children | May 2016

Dear my Littlest M

You are here! You are safe and sound and in my arms. Today you are 4 weeks old. Already. How does time go by so fast? I stare at you and each day I wish that you would not get any bigger or older.  I think because I know you are the last baby for us, I will try to hold on to your smallness for as long as possible.  As much as I love all the milestones and watching your big siblings grow and thrive, with you it may be different since I know this will be the last time I have a baby reach new heights. The last time someone says their first word, or starts crawling for the first time, or says "mama" for the first time.  This hurts my heart a little to know you will be the last of my babies.  Yet..at the same time, I know we have completed our family and its full of love and heart and soul. Your father and I said when I was pregnant the first time that we would like to have 4 children - despite many of our friends telling us we were crazy (2 kids seems to be the norm these days!), we went for it anyway. After your brother came along we debated with stopping at 3, but I must have known you were still there in our hearts, waiting for your turn, because that decision would not come to us easily.  

Now here you are, 4 weeks of goodness wrapped into a little ball of cute. You are super sleepy still, although you can yell with the best of them.  A trait that I am sure will develop as you come to realize you have 3 older siblings to contend with!  You make me smile and stare at your sweet face and tiny human features.  Oh sweet Mabel, welcome to the world and to our lives. Thank you for completing us. 

xoxo Love Mama

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