Oscar | Fresh 48 | Credit Valley Hospital Mississauga | Mississauga Newborn Photographer

I cannot take credit for all of these photos. My wonderful husband took over the camera to document me with our new little guy, right after he was born. I think he did a great job for being a non-photographer. Well, I should not say that, he actually loves taking photos. But when the camera is on Auto mode only :)

I love them. I love that he captured those first moments that I held my new child. I love that I now have these images forever and I can oooh and aaah over them just as my client`s tell me they do when they see the images I took for them. And now I understand when they tell me they cry or get teary when they first see the Fresh 48 images of their own birth experience.

The second group of images I took from the confines of my hospital bed. Having my third c-section, I was stuck in bed until the evening, so I did what I could from there! I still have hundreds of photos to wade through from that first day of Oscar's life, as well as the next 4 days at the hospital.  I will get to them but for today I am going to post my OWN Fresh 48 session. Or I should say, Fresh 12....since they were all taken immediately after birth for the first few hours!

To my hubby...thank you ♥

To my new little man...I ♥ you.