A new Addition - Baby Photography - Toronto ON Photography

Wow, wow, wow wow!!! This is how I felt when Shannon sent me an email saying they had adopted a gorgeous baby boy! SOOO excited for her and Chris, words could not even express! They had been waiting for a long time for this amazing event to happen and here they are with little J. He is awesome. Cute. Has amazing hair. And he is blessed with two wonderful parents who will spoil him, and give him the world.

You can see Chris and Shannon's journey of trying to conceive, to adoption, to becoming parents, on their blog

What to Expect When You are Not

Its a very inspiring read. Shan has always had a way with words!

She is also a guest blogger over at the "Mom at Last" Blog - see


still excited and giddy with joy for them!

Oh and did i mention, they live in an AMAZING house by the beach? My dream.

Thank you three for allowing me to share this incredible journey with you

Love Bee


 My favourite ♥

 Can you see the CN Tower?