It's Your Day to Shine - and why I love Unplugged Weddings Toronto Wedding Photographer

It's Your Day to Shine - and why I love Unplugged Weddings   Toronto Wedding Photographer

Many couples are opting for an Unplugged Ceremony. Not the entire wedding (hey, those dance party candids are always amazing!), but just the ceremony. The part of the day that means the most as you are actually becoming a married couple. Read more to find out why unplugged ceremonies are big on the to-do list and how you can politely ask your guests to enjoy your moment

Villa Caledon Inn Wedding | Caledon Ontario | Kim and Nick

Villa Caledon Inn Wedding | Caledon Ontario | Kim and Nick

I cannot tell you how much I love this couple and this wedding. Kim and Nick have been engaged for a little while and FINALLY decided to tie the knot :) I think during the speeches I heard the word "finally" mentioned a few times :) 

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT - Alison {Tottenham High School Senior} Photography | Tottenham Photographer

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT - Alison {Tottenham High School Senior} Photography | Tottenham Photographer

Its almost Graduation Time around these parts and Im thrown back to the incredible Senior Sessions we shot last spring.  It was the first time I photographed this age - teens finishing high school, ready to venture off to college, University, new jobs, and more. It's a pretty exciting time for them and they just shine when talking about the future! 

Favourite Film Images 2015 | Alliston Film Photographer

film. My first love. 

A nice mix of client and personal photos for this new favourites post :)  

What did I learn? I need to shoot more film and not be afraid to use it, especially at sessions! They always turn out! 

Mix of Portra 400, Portra 800, Fuji 400h, Tri-x

3 Littles | Film Love | Alliston Children's Photographer

Another month of joining some other awesome film photographers and showing off our new work! This month I decided to share a few of each one of my 3 little munchkins. Its been awhile since I blogged about them.  I think Tri-X is my favourite black and white film stock. A little grainy goodness but overall it always looks pretty awesome.

In order of appearance - my second (hilarious, independent, free-spirited, loving princess tomboy), my newest (sweet-as-pie go with the flow dude), and my oldest (athletic good natured sensitive old-soul)

Head over to Erin's page and check out her film goodness from DISNEY and then follow the circle to see more!! Awesome work!

My Littles on Film | 10 on 10 Monthly Blog Circle | Georgetown Children's Photographer

Another monthly 10 on 10 post and this time all my images are shot on film. Yes, FILM! Like that old school stuff you used back in the day..remember? I actually am really loving film lately and for sure you will be seeing more of it on my site!

Why I love Film :

- No, or little, post processing of images. They come straight out of the camera looking awesome.

- Film always seems to have this "look" that I love. Its simple, and raw.  And totally reminds me of my childhood photos.

- Film makes my heart sing. It is like Christmas every time I send in a roll and have no idea how they will turn out! I have had some disappointments (like Christmas?!) but mostly have been happy with my scans. Even the not-so-good ones are exiting as you often forget what you shot and its like a little surprise!

- It makes you a better photographer. You HAVE to know your settings and how to manipulate light and understand the how and why of creating a great image. You only get one shot, not 100 like on digital!

- the creamy dreamy bokeh far exceeds anything created digitally

I can go on. Every time I shoot I discover another reason why I love Film.

I promise - film will be making an appearance in many a wedding or portrait shoot coming up! ♥

Once again there are a few more than ten images...but they are all my babes and I couldn't narrow it down!

Follow along the circle with the other amazing photographers starting with the talented Hope Davis

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Hello Gorgeous! | Port Stanley

Karla and I have been friends basically since we were born. She is gorgeous, inside and out. Anytime she wants to do photos of her family, I am always willing to jump on that opportunity (they are all gorgeous!). This time it was all about her. She wanted to put on her wedding dress, from 8 years ago. And yes ladies, she can still fit in it! (jealous?! I am!)

We did this session with both digital and film! I am really excited to be getting out my old film camera again!

 And some on old film....