Davis Farm Sunflower Field Session | The Shea Sisters (and Mom!)

Huge Gratitude for Davis Farm in Caledon for allowing us to use their personal property for these images!

Check out the slideshow of these pretty girls, we played in the sunflowers until the sun went down! (turn on the volume)

The Shea Girls - Summer 2019 - Davis Farm, Caledon

Mother's Day at the Nest | Mint Room Studios Toronto

Mother's Day at the Nest | Mint Room Studios Toronto

I spent a morning at Mint Room Studios in Toronto with a whole bunch of Mamas and babes. It was such a lovely day, and I loved shooting in their new styled room, THe Nest. The room is greys and whites, and filled with adorable children’s props - which acted as both helpful and a distraction, as most props do with kids!

Rockwood Conservation Area Fall Family Photography

Rockwood Conservation Area Fall Family Photography

I had a blast this past fall at Rockwood Conservation Area, photographing a day full of new and past clients. Its always amazing when clients come back to see me year after year, and I cannot believe how big the gets have gotten!

Colonel Sam Smith Park - Etobicoke Family Photography

Colonel Sam Smith Park - Etobicoke Family Photography

I met up with these three little girls, sisters, at Colonel Sam Smith park in Toronto for a fun holiday session. Complete with a real tree that we lugged up onto the rocks overlooking Lake Ontario!

Best of 2017 Family and Couple Photography | Ontario Family Photographer

Best of 2017 Family and Couple Photography | Ontario Family Photographer

2017 was an amazing year full of families and friends and couples. I had the honour of photographing so many awesome people this year! Check out the year in review

Ruby | 50 Beautiful Children - Beauty Revived Magazine

Ruby | 50 Beautiful Children - Beauty Revived Magazine

I am so honoured to be chosen as 1 of 50 photographers across the land to select and photograph a child for the upcoming edition of Beauty Revived Magazine - 50 Beautiful Children.  The magazine can be ordered here and there will also be a blog post coming in October that I will link! 

I knew right away who I wanted to photograph and tell her story - Ruby. 

Baby Coleton | Lifestyle Newborn | Georgetown

Baby Coleton | Lifestyle Newborn | Georgetown

I met this family about 2 years ago when Ashley was pregnant with baby Max.  They purchased my Grow with Me Package (4 sessions over the baby's first year). I love when families go this route as we really get to know one another and at the end of the year, all the favourite images get put into a custom designed album for you to look back on forever.

The Little Lumberjack | Callum is 10 Months | Newmarket Baby Photographer

The Little Lumberjack | Callum is 10 Months | Newmarket Baby Photographer

We started out about 11 months ago with Cal's Mom's maternity photos. Then he was born and we had fun at his newborn photos, and now, in the blink of an eye, this little baby is ten months old. And not only that, he is walking. Like full on walking around!

Seibel Family | Winter Wonderland at Kelso Park (and a Letter to all the Moms) | Milton

Seibel Family | Winter Wonderland at Kelso Park (and a Letter to all the Moms)  | Milton

And to all you Moms, I am you. I know you worry about losing "those last 10 lbs" or getting the perfect haircut, or waiting until you feel better about something else in your life, but let's be honest here - there will ALWAYS be something, some reason to say "maybe later" and put off booking those family photos.

You Make Being A Big Sister Seem Easy | Letters to My Children | February | Alliston Family Photographer

Dear M, 

I look at you and often have to close my eyes and do a double take.  I am not entirely sure when you grew up to be a little girl, and not my baby anymore.  Since you started Kindergarten last fall you have blossomed into this smarter, more beautiful, and calmer version of yourself.  But luckily for me, you still give Mommy cuddles and love and kisses, enough to make me still see that little babe inside of you. :) (and that makes me happy!) 

I have to touch on how amazing you are with your little brother lately. The two of you are peas in a pod, always hanging out and running around and playing dress up and having a good time.  You teach him right from wrong, and are always by his side ready to help him if he gets stuck or needs something or has a boo-boo.  You have become a natural mother-figure to him and that makes me so reassured knowing I can trust you with him at anytime.  

In less than 2 months you will be a double big sis as your new sister will be arriving. You already call her "my baby" which sometimes confuses me as I think you are talking about your toy doll! But nope, you are talking about that little one living in my belly as if she is already here.  About how you will dress her, and change her, and read to her and teach her everything. It warms my heart and I cannot wait to see the two of you grow up together.  

Until then, lets enjoy the last 2 months of you being my baby girl, and please know that you will always be my first baby girl which holds a special spot in my heart. 

xoxox Sweet Girl, 

Love Mama

Head over to Sonia's page to read her letter and see her beautiful photography! 

Letters to My Children | The Master Builder | Alliston Family Photographer

I am SO excited to take part in a "Letters to our Children" blog circle featuring many other amazing photographers again! I took a break last year and really missed this special project. It let me take time each month to write each of my kids a little note, and feature them in a few photos. 

This year we have a lot of new photographer faces, many who shoot ONLY film, some hybrid (meaning they shoot both film and digital) and some digital. Its really cool to see all the different styles of photography and even more, to read their special letters! 

Once you finish up with my post, click over to Connecticut and  Elizabeth's blog to read her letter and view her beautiful children's photography.  

Now for my letter ....

To my "big" O, 

you are seven. I cannot believe it actually. I look at you (I mean, stare at you) sometimes and just cannot comprehend that you are the tiny peanut that I gave birth to so few years ago.  You spend hours a night reading in your bed, you love fact books about dinosaurs or animals (dangerous ones!), sharks, space and anything army related, just like your dad.  Lego is a go-to activity as well as colouring with your sister and a ton of creative play.

I am not sure when you turned into this little man. Not so much a child anymore, but a young boy.  BUT you are still my little guy, my snuggle-bum, my sweet as pie, tender hearted gentle soul. You take things to heart and often get upset by little things, which I love about you. I know that no matter what you do in life, you will do it with good intentions and kindness. 


Love Mommy

Max is 1! - Scotsdale Farm Photography - Georgetown Family Photographer

ahh...little Max! I can't believe he is ONE already!  Max was one of my "Grow with Me" Plans meaning I have seen him grow since his Mama's maternity session, to his newborn session, and again at 8 months (my favourite age to photograph!!)

Our fourth session was the whole family again at Scotsdale Farm, where we first met for the maternity photos, a great way to close the circle! Although I hope its not the last time I get to hang with this amazing family!

Jackson is 3 | Big Apple Farm Birthday Photography | Brampton Family Photographer

Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson!  We had a fun afternoon at Big Apple Farm on the border of Brampton and Georgetown, picking (and eating) apples, climbing trees, running around and having lots of fun! 

Thanks for letting me hang with you on this big day buddy!

xo, Bobbi-Jo

A day in the Woods | Oakville Lifestyle Photography | Oakville Photographer

When Nancy asked me to do a photo shoot with her Mom, her sister and their families I was thrilled! I have photographed Nancy and her family a couple times now and every time we have a blast. Its so nice seeing my clients each year and watching the kids grow up ♥

We frolicked in the woods near Nana's house, had fun, played, ran, told secrets, and all that fun stuff that comes with such a loving family and 4 beautiful cousins who do not get to see each other enough.

I hope you all enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them

Love, Bee ♥

3 Littles | Film Love | Alliston Children's Photographer

Another month of joining some other awesome film photographers and showing off our new work! This month I decided to share a few of each one of my 3 little munchkins. Its been awhile since I blogged about them.  I think Tri-X is my favourite black and white film stock. A little grainy goodness but overall it always looks pretty awesome.

In order of appearance - my second (hilarious, independent, free-spirited, loving princess tomboy), my newest (sweet-as-pie go with the flow dude), and my oldest (athletic good natured sensitive old-soul)

Head over to Erin's page and check out her film goodness from DISNEY and then follow the circle to see more!! Awesome work!

One Minute With Molly | Children Portraits | Alliston Studio Photographer

what else can I say? These were just too good not to share.  She was helping me test the light in the studio for some upcoming sessions and this is what we got in literally one minute!

Ella is 8 Months! | Studio Milestone Photography | Alliston Studio Photographer

Another sweet babe in the studio this week! Actually, Ella and Logan came together. They may be dating...(but don`t tell their moms!)

Ella`s mom planned the tea party and it turned out beautiful. I am not one for big over the top props, but this worked. We kept it sweet and simple, which is what I am now offering in my new studio!

And her outfits! What a girly girl!!! We had to take breaks for wardrobe changes :) So much fun!

I think Ella should be a baby model, don't  you?

Birthday Boy is ONE! | Milestone Studio Sessions | Alliston Ontario Studio Photographer

One year ago (yesterday to be exact), I met this adorable newborn. He was only a few hours old and I was there to capture his first meeting with big sister and Grandparents. What a thrill! Those precious one-time moments make me love my job to pieces! And now...Logan is ONE! How crazy is that!? He is sweet and funny and cute and you will see from these photos - a future supermodel! Tyson Beckford's got nothing on this guy! 

On a side note -  I now have an in home studio to capture those little milestones - birthdays, simple portraits, headshots, and more! The decor is simple and bright and natural.  Send me a message to set one up!

Baking Cookies for Christmas | Alliston, Ontario Lifestyle Photographer

Who ever said baking Christmas cookies was a clean event? Especially with two kids...

It was messy, and fun, and an adventure for everyone!

Cookies made with love, heart and soul ♥

I am absolutely loving our new home in Adjala Township (I know, where the heck is that?!) It is outside of Alliston, Ontario.  East of Orangeville and West of Newmarket.  They call is "God's Country" out here - come visit and you will see why!!!

All images are freelensed with a Canon 85mm 1.8 lens

To book your own documentary session, click the contact link below!

Fall Family Walk at Hungry Hollow | Georgetown Family Photographer

This is the third time I have been privileged to photograph this family! The first time was when the baby was born, then we did a fall family session later that year. And now Ysa is growing up and walking and running and getting into mischief with his older brothers!  I absolutely love when families come back to me time and time again. It means the world to me ♥

I cannot wait until our next session together!