Break the Wedding Rules | The Wedding Party

I am all about a wedding that is true to the couple getting married. And guess what? On YOUR day you can do whatever the heck you want. Even if that means breaking the traditions or the “rules” of weddings. Just because people have been cutting cake for 400 years does not mean you have to as well!


Let’s start with the bridal party and talk about some alternative options to the traditional “his side, her side” even numbered wedding party.

  1. No wedding party - make it all about just the two of you

Keep it all about the two of you

Keep it all about the two of you

2. No official wedding party but surround yourself with all your favourite people, all day long


3. Only include the kids

meaford-wedding-love-bee-photography (336 of 367).jpg

4. Include your siblings on both sides, even if they are a different gender than you

(I mean, aren’t we over the whole even sides, same gender wedding party?)


5. Have your family members stand up with you

Alton Mill Art Centre Wedding-23.jpg

6. Besties are best. Doesn’t matter who they are! Surround yourself with the people you love most to have the best day!


I hope this gave you some ideas! Have fun, be YOU and make your day special by surrounding yourself with the people you love most and will boost you up!


Love, Bee