Perfect and Fun Gifts for your Wedding Party

Perfect Presents for a Wedding Day Photo Op

When it comes to thanking your bridal party, there are endless routes you can take. You can go the sentimental, practical, or completely out of the box. One fun avenue to think about is gifting your bridal party presents that can be used the day of the wedding. Your wedding day is the start of the rest of your life, but on flip side, it’s the end of a long commitment from your bridesmaids and groomsmen.


The morning of your wedding, before the final preparation and festivities begin, take a moment to gift everyone something that says thank you. Here we will be sharing some ideas of presents that are both functional and can also be incorporated into your wedding day photos!


Sunglasses for the Group


Want to get your bridesmaids and groomsmen the same gift? Stylish sunglasses are a great option to consider! Invest in quality frames and give a gift that can be used well beyond your wedding day. The obvious choice would be to purchase cheap plastic glasses that you can customize with your wedding hashtag, but is that really the best way to say thank you? Purchasing quantity is even easier now with Warby Parker’s new bulk ordering option. Your bridal party photos will have a fun yet classy feel with a few group shots including your new frames!



Bubbly for the Bridal Party


Your wedding day, while it’s a pleasure to be a part of, requires a lot of time and energy from your girls and guys. A really fun gift could be a personalized bottle of champagne! Not only is the concept out of the box, but it can serve as a very fun group photo op at any point on your wedding day. Whether you pop the bottles before you start getting ready, or well into your reception, nothing says let’s celebrate like some corks flying into the sky! And if your bridesmaids and groomsmen are the creative type, they can always repurpose their customized bottles and use them as a decorative feature in their house!

Cambium Farms Wedding Bridal Prep-41.jpg

 Personalized Tumblers for the Girls 


Getting ready for a wedding is no simple task. From the crack of dawn you and your bridesmaids are likely to be in the hair and makeup chair for hours! What’s something both practical yet cute? Personalized tumbler cups for each of your girls! Not only will it help everyone keep hydrated, but gifting a cup with a lid is sure to help eliminate and potential spill disasters! We don’t want any stains on dresses before you walk down the aisle. These cups also serve as great accessories for your wedding photos, especially if your photographer is slated to come and snag some shots of the getting ready process.


Engraved Flasks for the Guys


The bridesmaids aren’t the only ones who can get cute cups as presents. For your groomsmen, consider gifting them all their own engraved flask to commemorate the big day. It can be a great accessory to have at the reception, and depending on your groomsmen, could be good to have on hand while you’re pressing your tuxes one last time! This is a fun yet classy gift that they can continue to use well beyond your wedding day. What a great memento for such an important day in your life!



What are your present ideas? We would love to hear your thoughts on the different kinds of gifts you can give to your bridal party!