Planning for Awesome Getting Ready Photos

Stress-Free Friday - Wedding Day Tips

If you have your photographer document the part of your wedding day when you are getting ready for your wedding, you may want to keep in mind a few tips to make those images just as amazing as your portraits.  Getting ready images are an important part of your wedding day, and sometimes some of my favourite moments. Since my goal is to shoot the real moments and authenticity of your day, getting ready images are often some of my most favourite images.   Everyone is starting to buzz with excitement at this time, realizing what is about to happen!

Plan for Light - big windows = awesome natural light which = more flattering images! (And your makeup artist will also thank you). If you are unsure where to get ready, try a great hotel with big rooms and windows or even rent out an Airbnb or cute B&B near your wedding location.  Hotels often have a lot of clutter like No Smoking signs, or sprinklers or questionable artwork on the wall and are sometimes not the best place.  Ideally you will want somewhere with enough natural light that the overhead lighting can be turned off and we can see everyone clearly.

Some of my favourite getting ready images were taken at downtown condos with huge windows - they just fill with light!

Getting ready in toronto condo
downtown toronto condo wedding

I also love when a couple decides to get ready at their own home. It adds so much context to the images as home is part of their love story.

Getting ready for wedding at home

Clear the Clutter - Wedding mornings can get messy! Lots of people in a small space frantically trying to make sure everyone has what they need and are looking their best can equal a beautiful mess.  Before your photographer arrives, assign someone to clear away the clutter, or have one designated spot for everyone to put their items. This way the images have a clean backdrop and you wont be distracted by the mess when looking back on your day.

Bride putting on earrings before wedding

Less is More - in terms of people. Yes, everyone wants to be there as you prepare for your big day. Perhaps have aunts and siblings and great Grandma come to the getting ready location for only a short time to say hello, and then ask them to leave.  The least amount of people you have milling around the space the more calm and relaxed you may also. Too many people and opinions sometimes lead to unwanted stress.  Besides - they can have a surprise at the ceremony when they see you for the first time all done up!

Dress to Impress - wear something that you don't mind being photographed in! If you love your jammies and want to wear them while getting ready - by all means, do it! But know that said jammies will be in your wedding album.  Cute robes for you and your bridesmaids are always a fun option and make for some cute photos.

Bride getting her hair done before wedding ceremony

Speaking of what to wear - have your parents or bridesmaids get dressed before you, that way when they help you into your dress, they also look great in the photographs. And it gives you piece of mind knowing they are ready to leave as soon as you are!

Bridal Suite Getting Ready Images at golf course

Have details ready.  Your photographer will love you if you have your details ready to be photographed. Think outside the box! Have the rings, shoes, dress, invitations or stationery, any special trinkets or heirlooms you are including, the bouquets and florals.  Whether these items are with the Bride or Groom doesn't matter, but having them ready and in view for the photographer saves you and them from running around looking for items to photograph.  I usually start with the details as it gives everyone time to finished getting dressed and gives me a good warm up to the day!

vintage wedding shoes and veil
boho wedding dress

Plan for more time than you think you need. This applies to every event of your day! If you think it will take 20 minutes

Lastly, HAVE FUN! Crank the music, have some great food (because you likely wont eat again for hours!), dance and enjoy! Its your wedding day and you should be enjoying every moment of it!

Have a drink and relax! The best is yet to come! 

Have a drink and relax! The best is yet to come!