Love Unscripted {and why you do not need a Shot List}

Dear Almost Married Couple,

Your wedding is fast approaching. Do you A) Send your photographer a link to your Pinterest page full of ideas and poses that you want them to replicate? or B) Trust your photographer to do his or her own thing (no or minimal list required)?

I hope your answer is B!

Lets talk about reasons why many wedding photographers do not require a list of your favourite online images, and why it is best you do not provide one.

1. It's YOUR day.


Be unique! Do you really want your wedding images to be the same as some stranger's you found online? Or your best friends? Do you want the same old poses and moments captured as everyone else? (Hint - the answer is no!)

When you try to pose something too much, it becomes forced and you will not have that same natural feel to the image.

2. You hired a Professional for a Reason

Your wedding photographer has shot a lot of weddings (hopefully!) and knows what moments NEED to be captured and the best way to capture those moments, regardless of lighting, location or other factors. He or she will get all of the BIG moments - first kiss, walking down the aisle, guest reactions and more. Trust them to do their job! Personally I prefer to spend the in between moments observing and waiting for magical moments to occur.  Of course, if you really want to make sure you get a portrait with your Grandma, tell me! Not a problem! We will make sure to get that shot, but also know, I will also be waiting for authentic interaction and capture you giving your Grandma a hug and kiss during a private moment. In most cases those real honest moments are the images that will bring you right back to the day, even in 10 or 20 years from now.

Cambium Farm Caledon Barn Wedding -119.jpg

3. Creativity doesn't come in a List

Most photographers that I know are drawn to one or two elements. Composition, architecture, colour, light, to name a few. For me, my creativity comes mostly from the light itself. Did you know the word photography actually means "painting with light?"  Allow your photographer to be drawn to those things that inspire them and you will receive images that you could only imagine. Having your photographer recreate images you may have found online could end up a disappointment for you as they often will not look the same due to different location or lighting situations.  Let them be inspired throughout the day and they will draw you into their excitement! 

4. Trust your Photographer and their Vision

Think back to when you first got engaged and were searching for a wedding photographer. Remember when you found the website of "the one"? The images that spoke to you, made you gasp or allowed you to picture yourself in those photos? There was a reason you were drawn to and hired your photographer. As long as their website is an accurate portfolio of their work (which it should be!), trust that your wedding images will also give you the same feelings. Don't be afraid to ask them to see a gallery of a full wedding, as most online portfolios are carefully curated versions of their best work.

Get to know your photographer before the wedding and you will have even more trust in them as they are now more than just another vendor. They "know" you a little more and are able to bring out your best side and most authentic selves.  The best way to get to know him or her, in my opinion,  is to schedule an engagement shoot before the wedding. If you are not into the typical engagement photos, think of it more as a pre-wedding photography trial. (And with me, we always do something really fun!)


So what do you think? Are you deleting your PInterest "wedding photo" board right now!? I hope so!

Sidenote - I do believe a list is handy for family portraits so we do not forget any important people, and to keep that part of the day quick and painless! Read more on that topic here

xo Love, Bee