Hey you! Stop ghosting your wedding vendors!

Ghosting. Let's stop it!

Ghosting is a newish term originally referring to the online dating world, when you would be talking with someone and out of nowhere they just stop returning your calls or texts and disappear (or "ghost" if you will)

And now this trend is being seen in businesses around the world and everywhere in turn I read posts by vendors who are getting very offended or upset by this phenomenon so I thought I would create a post for awareness.

So, can we go back to old fashioned manners and politeness?

Yes I'm talking to you! That newly engaged cute looking couple over there, so excited with planning a wedding that you often "forget" to not only thank potential vendors for taking time to respond to your emails full of questions, but also forget to even drop them a curtesy Thank You back. 

Worse yet, forgetting to respond back AFTER meeting in person!

These vendors are people with lives. Many have kids or other jobs. Many will drive an hour or more to meet you for coffee to chat about your wedding without even knowing whether or not they will be hired. Many actually PAY to come meet you - babysitters, parking, fuel, cost of samples, hiring an assistant to come along - to list a few.  

 Is this your problem? No, not at all. But it is your problem if you expect someone to do all this for you and do not even give them a quick email or text afterward saying "hey thanks for meeting us but we have decided to go in another direction".  (because..well, Karma!)

And I totally get that we often are so excited about planning our weddings that we send out 400 emails to every vendor out there. However I am not talking about responding to every inquiry, but the ones that took time to meet up with you, or that you set up a phone call with.

 Yes I get that it may suck to reject someone, especially someone you did meet in person and really liked. But you can do it and it will make you a better person! 

It is really just basic common courtesy and manners. Just like your Mama taught you!

To help make this task a little easier, I am even going to give you some template responses so you do not have to think of your own rejections. Feel free to copy and paste!  

Hey (insert name)! We really appreciate you coming out to meet with us and answering all of our questions regarding our wedding (or insert event). It was a pleasure to meet you, however after much deliberation we have decided to go with another (insert vendor) for our wedding. We wish you the best and thank you for your time. (sign your name)

Hello (insert name). Thank you for the time you spend answering our questions, however we have decided to go with another (insert vendor type). (sign your name)

Hey (insert vendor’s name) We appreciate your time answering our questions about our wedding (or event). As much as we loved getting to know you, we have decided to go another direction. Thank you, (insert names)

What do you think about this ghosting trend? I would love to hear it in the comments, from both sides!