The First Look and Why You Should do One! | Alliston Wedding Photographer

I will be honest, only three years ago I had never even heard of a "First Look"! And now they are happening at most of the weddings I photograph!  Whether or not to do a First Look is your choice, your personal preference.  Some more traditional Brides prefer that first look to be when they walk down the aisle - all eyes on them, and her eyes only on her Groom.  Other couples prefer to take a moment before the ceremony to see one another, in private, without the guests watching. Whatever your preference, I love photographing that moment but I just wanted to share some examples and reason why I really love shooting First Looks!

Reason #1 - Intimacy.  Couples get a chance to see one another for the first time without the guests, friends and family watching. For some Brides this is ideal as they often spend that moment walking down the aisle worrying about tripping, looking at the guests, checking out the decor to make sure its correct, and so much more! They forget to enjoy the moment.  Then, when you get to the altar, the ceremony begins and you and your spouse do not get a chance to communicate.  My one rule (yes I have a First Look "rule"), is that no guest may be around when we do First Looks. No one. This is YOUR moment, your time, enjoy it!  You don't want the moment ruined by Aunt Matilda and her ipad camera in your face!
Then after I snap a few shots I will disappear for 5-10 minutes for you to talk and whisper sweet nothings to one another...your time.

first look bride and groom

Reason #2 - Time!  As a photographer, the First Look makes my day! Why? Well, after the couple finish their moment we will go out and do all the formal shots of the couple, then gather the wedding party for some fun wedding party images, and then usually finish all the posed family shots - ALL BEFORE THE CEREMONY!!
 Why is this so amazing? Well, you can enjoy your ceremony and then move right into your party without having your guest wait around for hours while you take photos!  Its a win-win for me, the couple, and the guests! 

However...I do usually like to take the newly married couple aside for a few more shots together because now they will have that freshly married glow! 

toronto first look

Now what about that moment you walk down the aisle?  Does having a First Look take away from that moment?

I say NO! Its almost like you get two special moments now!  Walking down the aisle still feels special because now you are seeing one another for the first time in front of your friends and family,  many of which do not even know you already saw one another!  And you know that this is the real thing - the moment you have been waiting for your whole life, knowing that once you get down that aisle in a few short minutes you will be married to your true love!! It has a whole different feeling than the first look before the ceremony because now its really happening!

wedding shot alongside  Carolyn Bentum Photography

wedding shot alongside Carolyn Bentum Photography

So, my future couples - whatever you decide to do is your choice and I love them both!  Hopefully this little post will give you some insight as to why many choose to do a First Look. I cannot wait to capture your moment, however that moment unfolds ♥