5 Cool Wedding Trends for Couples of 2017

Just like clothing or home decor, wedding trends come and go.  Even since I got married myself only eight years ago, some of the decisions I made for my own wedding are totally different now! In less than a decade! In the spirit of the millennial generation (and I say millennial in terms of age only, Brides and Grooms who were born roughly in the mid 80's and after).  This generation pretty much grew up with the internet and computers and these days have slightly different focus than the weddings of their parents or even slightly older friends. The focus these days is less on a huge guest list and more on a finely curated list of really close friends and family, and of course, like our everyday, immediate sharing of the day on social media!

I must say that I LOVE all of the trends thatI am seeing - they are interactive and fun and entertaining - all things you want your wedding to be! Weddings are not just for your parents to hang out with their friends anymore!  They are a whole day dedicated to the couple and their most favourite people - a day to dance or party and celebrate and share in the love of the couple!  That being said, every couple is different and many still stick to the more "traditional' wedding trends, but for those of you looking for some new ideas, here is a list of some recent trends I have been seeing (and LOVE!)

1. Hashtags

Couples are coming up with their own wedding hashtag so that all the guests can instantly post and share images from the day. The hashtag will allow for the Bride and Groom to easily click and view all the images later on that night or the next day, rather than searching through everyone’s personal instagram/twitter/facebook account.  And it keeps the guests entertained throughout the night as they have a common place to share their images!  Take a search beforehand of some hashtag ideas combining your own names, the Bride’s new last name, or something unique to you, make sure it hasn't been used yet and you are good to go!   There are even “hashtag generator” apps online that you can use to find a unique hashtag for your wedding. Some great ones from my own couples this year were #happilyeverjames and #wethenortherns.  Oh, and let your photographer know about your hashtag so they can also share sneak peeks on social media.

2. DIY or Inexpensive decor

Less is more these days when it comes to wedding decor.  We all know weddings can get pricey and couples are saving on fancy stationary or centrepieces and opting to spend their money on the things that matter most - the food, the music and of course a great photographer and videographer to preserve the memories forever! Florals are also becoming more simple - less flowers and more greenery which in my opinion feels very earthy and natural, something many millennia's aim to be these days. 

Simple greens and string lights go a long way to set the mood

Simple greens and string lights go a long way to set the mood

3. Photo Booths

Some may think they are cheesy but I have to say at every wedding I have been at with a photo booth, its usually the busiest place in the room! These days everyone loves selfies and posting to social media, so why not give your guests a fun place to do just that! It doesn’t even have to be an expensive manned booth, get creative and design your own backdrop of florals or greenery, or even just a solid piece of fabric where guests can pose.  If you are worried about losing guests on the dance floor over to the photo booth, have it set up only for the 1st hour after dinner.

I love this idea of the giant Polaroid cutout from Rayanne and Tony’s wedding this past summer! 

A fun DIY Photo Booth Prop - all you need is some instant cameras or guests can use their own!

A fun DIY Photo Booth Prop - all you need is some instant cameras or guests can use their own!

Another option is having an install mini camera and some film. Tell each guest to take a selfie and sign the image, then attach it with tape to a guest book. Its a great memory for the bride and groom! 

4. Mismatched Wedding Party Attire

This is a trend that I personally love! Couples are telling their wedding party to get any dress or suit in a specific colour and its up to them to decide what fits and feels best on them. Not only does it look great to have some variation, your wedding party will be happy to wear something comfortable and wearable again.  

If you still want to keep some control, keep a similar flow through your look by having the girls wear the same dress colour in different styles, or the same dress style in different colours. 

5. Un-traditions 

So many of the "traditional" wedding trends seem to be fading away such as the bouquet or garter toss, evenly matched bridal parties, and even a traditional wedding cake. Instead they are being replaced with unique ideas that really set the couple apart! With our lives being splashed on social media, what can you do to make your wedding stand out from everyone else's? 

Some ideas Ive seen are:

Cookies, cupcakes or even Donuts for your wedding cake - like my couple, Mara and Adam, who has Tiny Tom's Donuts and it was a hit! 

Dogs as part of the wedding party

Casual attire for guests - no more black tie or fancy dress needed. (unless of course thats your style and venue!) Otherwise let your guests dress nice but be comfortable enough to dance the night away! 

Honeymoon or Photography Gift Registries - since so many couples already live together they are not asking for guests to give a gift toward a vacation or a wedding vendor. Why not?

Let me know what your ideas are! What will make your wedding stand out? And remember, the most important thing you can do for your wedding is to make it YOU. Don't worry what other people say you have to do, just DO YOU!