Grandma Lambes Apple Orchard Wedding

Nothing beats a wedding in an apple orchard in the fall.  Especially one as charming as Grandma Lambes in Meaford, Ontario.

Hanging out with Katie, Damir and their Daughter, surrounded by their best friends and family, was a blast. I have to be honest and tell you guys that pretty much every wedding I have ever shot, I have left feeling so included and part of the family. 

People ask me all the time if I have experienced a lot of “bridezillas” but I really have to say no. Yes, there is stress here and there throughout the day, but overall my couples are pretty laid-back and chill. Which I like to be also, and I would like to think I attract my tribe. 

Cool points of this wedding:

  • Katie gave Damir cufflinks of his favourite football team the morning of the wedding

  • Katie and Damir`s daughter was a big part of the special day

  • All the Bridesmaids wore Converse sneakers (talk about comfortable!)