Colonel Sam Smith Park - Etobicoke Family Photography

I met up with these three little girls, sisters, at Colonel Sam Smith park in Toronto for a fun holiday session.

Nothing beats photographing 3 adorable sisters, in the winter (it was a mild weather day!), with a Christmas tree we lugged around the park in a baby stroller.  Yes, those strollers are handy for more than just kids! Although I did get some weird looks when I was walking back to my car, alone, pushing a stroller containing a Christmas tree and not a baby. A group of teen boys walked past and were whispering and I just laughed.  I can imaging what they thought!

One thing I LOVE so much about winter sessions is just the soft flat light. Although I LVOE the sun and creating magical images with shadows, in winter the clouds and snow often act as a big softbox and gives everything a clean editorial type look. And bright colours like little M is wearing really pop in the blah landscape. Plus it was SUPER foggy that day so that added to the ambiance :)