Ruby | 50 Beautiful Children - Beauty Revived Magazine

I am so honoured to be chosen as 1 of 50 photographers across the land to select and photograph a child for the upcoming edition of Beauty Revived Magazine - 50 Beautiful Children.  The magazine can be ordered here and there will also be a blog post coming in October that I will link! 

I knew right away who I wanted to photograph and tell her story - Ruby. 

Ruby is the daughter of my best friend and I have literally watched her grow up. She stars in many of my past photo sessions, and more so than that, we are "family".  Ruby was diagnoses with Juvenile Diabetes just over 1 year ago at age 8.  I have watched her bravery and courage through the whole thing and am so proud of her. 

We got together for a little photo shoot this summer for the magazine. I let her choose her ouwn outfit and we just hung out in the neighbourhood having fun. Then we did a little interview toether which you can listen to in the following video.  She is a trooper and my hero! 

Rubes - thanks for trusting me to tell your story.  xo Love, "Auntie" Bee