Letters To My Children - February 2014 - "Sure, Why not?"

Sure, Why not?

Dear Kids,

This month has been a mess of winter! Cold cold cold and TONS of snow!

But what happens when the temperature gets to plus 4 degrees Celsius? (that is 30 degrees to my American friends!)

Well..it melts! A LOT. As in our whole street is a giant puddle, and the there is still a mountain of snow on our yard to melt along with it. (However I am not getting my hopes up that it will not snow and get cold again!)

Mommy has been feeling like sort of a crappy mom lately. Only 5 more weeks until you both become a big brother (again for you, O!) and Magoo, a first time big sister! Which means Mommy has been extremely tired lately, a tad grumpy, and feeling really guilty about not playing with you enough. For example yesterday, you guys hid all these toy food pieces all over the upstairs of the house so we could have a "hunt" for them. All day you asked me, "mommy, can you go find them now please?" and your mean Mommy was so tired and out of it I just kept saying no. Why? I have no clue but I feel really bad about it. Something so simple that would make you munchkins so happy. Playtime with Mom is important and I am going to promise to be more of a "Yes MOM" in the coming months. 

So today Mommy suggested jumping in the puddles! The HUGE puddles. I would have preferred to go in and put on rain boots rather than snow boots, but hey, why waste time? Lets just go have fun! And we did (until you got too cold and wet!)

But I feel better that we did something fun today after school instead of going inside and doing too much of nothing. And I hope you guys had fun and will remember the times when Mommy let you have fun :)

Love you both dearly, and I cannot believe this MAY possibly be our last month as a family of four! This is just crazy to me.

Always yours, 



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