Where I Grew Up | Port Stanley, Ontario | Port Stanley Photography

I recently submitted a feature about my small hometown of Port Stanley, Ontario. The town where I was raised, schooled, had my first job, made my first and (present) best friends, grew up, learned lessons, and maybe even got into some trouble now and then!

Population 2100. A bit of a ghost town in the summer, but a thriving beach town in the summer!

I do love going back to visit, enjoy the beach and take my husband and kids around to all my old favorite spots.  Its nostalgic and heartwarming, full of forever memories.

You can see my featured work here on Everyday Bloom.

And no blog post is complete without a few photos :)

PS. I LOVE shooting in Port Stanley;  at the beach, in the village, or outside of town. If you are in that area and interested in a session with Love Bee Photography,  send me an email and I'll let you know when I am there!