When is the Best Time of Day for Beach Engagement Photography? | Collingwood Beach Engagement | Katie and Damir

In less than 2 weeks I get to meet Katie and Damir for another round of photos! Actually a whole day full, since they will be getting MARRIED!! These two are fun to hang with, which if you know them, you likely already know! It was so much fun shooting their engagement photos at a local beach in Collingwood, Ontario, close to where they live.  We spent an hour on the beach just hanging out, and since it was later in the evening, we had the place to ourselves!   

Engagement sessions on the beach are always wonderful for light, and the best time to do them is either early morning as the sun is rising, or later in the evening just before "golden hour". Golden hour is a term that refers to the hour before sunset, when the sun is low and the shadows scarce, which creates beautiful dream light for portrait photography.  Depending on the beach location and what way the sun sets will determine the best time for your engagement photos.  Your photographer can help to figure out timing based on sunset times, and the nearby environment.  For example, if the sun sets opposite the water, (like this beach did) and there are trees or mountains that may block the sun as it sets, you may need to schedule your session earlier than golden hour.  Always trust your photographer as they should know from experience! 

Speaking of engagements, I am currently booking a few more weddings for 2019, but I do not have too many spots left! If you are recently engaged and looking for a photographer, and you are drawn to my photography, please reach out via the CONTACT link above! Feel free to share with a friend also, as referrals are my bread and butter! And greatly appreciated! 

Happy almost wedding day Katie and Damir - see you soon!