Letter to my Son | May 2014 | Georgetown Family Photographer

Dearest O, my oldest son. 

Just over a month ago you were a big brother to your sister, but now, you are a big brother to a sister and brother! It is amazing to watch you with your baby brother. You are so sweet and gentle with him. You protect him from danger, from his sister, from anything that may bother him. Just the other day I had placed him on the couch for a second and you were so concerned he may roll off that you sat beside him, guarding and talking to him!

You are more than willing to help mom or dad with changing diapers, or getting us something we may need.

Every free second, whether its for a moment before school or just before bed, you are always asking to hold him "for just a sec". Every minute counts buddy and you have already discovered that precious time!

What amazes me most is watching you watch the baby.  Your eyes are full of such love and wonder and amazement. You also felt that with your sister as a baby, but I think now that you are 3 years older, it is even more prevalent. My wish is that you continue this love for your brother, you continue to protect him as he grows up, that you two are the best of friends, teammates, family and soulmates. It makes my heart so full to see how much you love Oscar already. 

I also wnat you to know, you are still my baby, my first born, my first true love (besides Daddy!), and you will always fill that special spot in my heart ♥  Keep on being you kiddo, as you are the best big brother, son, and child I have even known!

Love Mommy xo