I do not shoot images. I shoot moments. The two of you, laughing together an inside joke, wiping a tear as you see your new spouse for the first time, all of the in between moments and not just the posed pretty pictures. The real moments are the ones that you and your family will look at for years to come and reminisce about your wedding day. The emotions you see in your wedding images will remind you of why you fell in love in the first place.

I will be the photographer who captures all those imperfectly perfect moments throughout your wedding day, allowing you to laugh, cry and be surprised when you are delivered with your images for the first time.  A wedding is a busy day and you can trust in me to capture the day as it unfolds naturally, without strict timelines or prompts, and in turn you can be yourself and enjoy your day with less stress. Let me handle the stress for you!

I am more than just your wedding photographer

If you will allow me, I'd also love to be a part of the planning process for your day. I can help with the creative side of your wedding, sending referrals to amazing vendors who do beautiful work, and helping you with input toward the creative vision of your day.  With my experience shooting so many different weddings I can use that knowledge to let you know what ideas may work best for not only your vision, but will photograph most beautifully. 

black and white image of groom looking at his bride for the first time on wedding day


Do you remember looking through your parent's or grandparent's wedding photos?  I do.  What I love most about them is actually holding them in my hands, feeling the texture of the print, the smell, the feel. All those factors combined with the subject photographed allow the images to feel so timeless.  When you hire me you are also getting the option of purchasing heirloom items that can be passed down from generation to generation.  We live in a digital age and love the ease of sharing online which is why you will not only receive the digital files from your wedding, but you will also get a handful of printed images as a gift from me.   Albums may be desgined for both you as a couple and your parents or grandparents. I create each album individually for the family - no repeat albums here! Once you have your digital files we will work together to create a stunning album that you will keep forever.  I know your future children and grandchildren will love looking at your wedding images as much as I love looking at my parent's wedding album! 


bride and groom share first dance


My style of photography is raw, authentic and mostly documentary.  Take a look at my galleries and (blog) to get a feel of what it may look like working with me.  I will pose you when needed and am inspired by light so do not be surprised if I suddenly stop what we are doing to run over to a new location or ask you to leave your reception for 10 minutes of dreamy golden sunset. 

I like to give you space during your wedding day. Space to breathe, to enjoy, to love, all without a photographer in your face asking you to move or pose or reenact a moment. It is your one day and I aim to capture is as it unfolds naturally.  I will begin at your getting ready location and capture the moments that naturally happen. We will then meet your significant other for a First Look, followed by portraits before the Ceremony. If you choose not to do a First Look, then we head to the Ceremony and capture portraits immediately after or later in the day when the lighting is divine.  In total we spend approximately only 20% of your day shooting posed portraits - the rest of the day is natural and honest.



If you think I am the photographer for you, I'd love to to talk!

Please contact me here for more details on pricing and packages.

Full Day Wedding packages begin at $3500 and include full day coverage, digital files, and a whole bunch of other stuff!

Half Day, Elopement and Custom Packages are also available.





How much will my wedding photography coverage cost?

You can expect to pay around $3500 for an all day package which includes two photographers for the entire day, a USB of your edited images, and a custom designed Simplicity Storybook to forever cherish the highlights of your day.  Half day packages are also available for shorter weddings, and we offer custom quotes for elopements, week-day weddings, and last minute bookings. Contact Bobbi-Jo to get full details


How long does it take to get our wedding photos?

It honestly depends on the time of year your wedding takes place, but we promise between 10-12 weeks at the most.


Do we need a second photographer?

Not necessarily! I am perfectly comfortable and capable of photographing your wedding alone, however, like most things in life, its better with company. I have a small handful of photographers whom I trust to shoot alongside me and capture your day the same was I would. Plus we can bounce ideas off of one another, and keep shooting if the other needs a washroom break :)


How many hours will we need to take all the Portraits?

HOURS! No way! Your wedding day should be about spending time with the guests you invited!  I will not keep you from enjoying your party for too long. I recommend choosing between 6-8 posed family portraits to document the people closest to you, and then we will do about 2-3 wedding party portraits, photographs of you both with your attendants and an intimate 15-20 minute portrait session with just the two of you. Depending on the layout of the day, we can sneak away again for a second quick portrait session in a different location or light. Generally all this can be done in 1 hour, leaving everyone lots of time to mingle and enjoy your party. Parents and guests always appreciate my efficiency as they do not have to stand around for hours of posing.


What equipment do you use?

All the photographers who work for Love Bee Photography (myself and associates) shoot with professional level Canon or Nikon cameras and lenses.  You may also see me pull out a professional film camera at times, but mostly during engagement sessions.


Do you recommend we schedule an Engagement Session?

It is up to you, but I love engagement sessions! Take a click over to this blog post and read why


Black and white vs Colour Images - how many do we get of both?

I absolutely LOVE black and white images! I feel they evoke so much more emotion when the colour is taken out of the image. Most of your wedding day will be delivered in colour - you may spend hours designing and deciding on a colour scheme and that needs to be documented. I will mix some black and white edits into the mix, usually on images I photographed with a black and white in mind, or because I feel the image reads better that way. I would guess most weddings are about 25% black and white and the other 75% in colour. If you PREFER more black and white, please let me know and I would LOVE to deliver more for your gallery.


Click here to see some examples of FULL WEDDING GALLERIES