Letters to My Daughter - Monthly Blog Circle March 2013

Letter to my Daughter  Blog Circle, March 2013

It Ain't Easy Being Two

Sweet Baby Girl, you will be TWO years old next week! Where did the time go? It seems like so long ago you were born, yet I cannot believe two years have already passed!

Your personality has grown so much these past couple months. You are hilarious, making us laugh all the time. Your favourite saying right now is "Ya baby!" and just today you started saying "I lub you ___________(insert Mommy, Daddy or Ry-ew, which is what you call your big brother).  Owen's face just lit right up today when we picked him up from school and you said "I lub you Ry-ew".  It amazing to see how much he adores you.

NOW...along with the great, comes the other side of your personality!

The Irish-Aries-Redhead Side. My Triple Threat is what I call you.
Are you stubborn? Are you determined? Is your mind made up when your mind is made up? Yes Yes and Yes!

How about we let these photos answer that, shall we?

The ENTIRE gallery of your second Birthday Photo Shoot. Yes, entire session, 3 images!
Happy 2nd Birthday Magoo!

Love Mom xo

Thats it Folks!

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