10 Essential Oils you NEED to survive the Summer

The weather today has got me all warm and happy and thinking about summer! Which in turn got me thinking about what oils I need to order before they become out of stock (which sometimes happens seasonally as everyone is stocking up!) These are my top 10 Summer Oil Must-haves. 

1. Lavender - the "swiss army knife" of essential oils this plant will soothe those pesky cuts or scrapes you may get in the garden, help to heal sunburns and a topical treatment for bug bites.  Add to refrigerated Aloe Gel and apply to sunburn. 

2. Peppermint - Apply peppermint oil on the back of your neck to instantly cool off, repel bugs, and ease itching. Add to a spray bottle of water to keep bugs away or add with lemon and lavender to a roller ball or diffuser to create the "allergy trio" and help with those pesky allergies. 

3. Sandlewood - This oil can reduce puffiness and soothe skin after sunburn. When inhaled, it softly eases into the lungs to deepen and relax your breath.

4. Citrus Oils - such as lemon, orange, lime, citrus fresh, tangerine, grapefruit - all my favourites during the summer months to diffuse and create a summery smelling haven in your home! 

5. Lemon - we use lemon a lot all year around, but in summer I like to add it to a spray bottle with peppermint and lemongrass or citronella to create a nice smelling and natural bug spray.  Its also great if you have pine tress around and need help getting that annoying sticky sap off your feet or objects! 

6. German Chamomile - With its cooling and superior anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and relaxing properties, German chamomile is great at fighting allergies.

7. Patchouli - awesome for skin care like those dry sandle feet we get! Add to your favourite creams or make your own! 

8. Tea Tree (Melaluca) - anti bacterial and anti-spetic this is a great oil for cuts and scrapes, rashes, and killing germs

9. Thyme and Clove - Thyme and clove oils were the most effective natural mosquito repellents from a selection of essential oils tested. A study by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) found they provided one and a half to three and a half hours of protection against mosquitoes.

10. Citronella - just because its the staple scent of summer!  Make your own citronella candles to keep those bugs away, add to bug spray. Not a fan of citronella? Try lemongrass instead!


Want some summer diffuser blends? Try these! 

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