Your Lifestyle Experience with LBP


Here is what I do....I photograph your love and life in an authentic and genuine way.

I will allow you to just be you.  Have fun, enjoying what you love to do. Does your family love going out for ice cream? Well, lets shoot at the ice cream parlor! Do you and your partner have a favourite location you like to visit? We will shoot your engagement or Beloved session there! 

I will always incorporate YOU into the sessions. These are your images after all and I am only there to help you tell your story!

Trust me to bring my love for photography and raw emotion into every session and capture you as your true self. All you need to do is show up, be yourself, and we will have a lot of fun and create forever memories that you can pass down to your great grandchildren!



Getting To Know One Another...

The first thing we will do is ensure we are a good fit so that your session turns out amazing! And let's face it, not every photographer may be the photographer "for you".  We need to be comfortable and get to know each other a little first to avoid that "awkward" stage! This allows for us both to be comfortable, and more than complete strangers when we meet in person!

Once we have decided we love each other, we will book your session!  I will discuss your session in detail before the day so there are no surprises.  We will discuss a special location, clothing options, the mood and feel of your session, both of our expectations and whatever else you want to talk about!

Have a great idea for a session? I'd love to hear it! Im always up for adventure and trying out new locations and activities! I also have a list of great ideas I would love to shoot so if you are game for an adventure session, let me know and we will make magic happen! 

If you are looking for a photographer to constantly tell your kids to "say cheese" or smile pretty for the camera, well that is not me. I love mess and chaos and will ask your kids to run and play and laugh and maybe even get dirty if that is in the game plan, because that is real life.  Families are fun, not perfect. Let's show who your family really is through all the moments and let your love shine. 

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