Seibel Family | Winter Wonderland at Kelso Park (and a Letter to all the Moms) | Milton

This is a throwback post to the first time I photographed the Seibel family. Way back when the girls were little and Mom was worried they were not listening to me. But let me tell you, when you do a photo session with me, the kids will play! Im here to capture your life and love and adventures, not your cheesy faux grins and perfect poses.  I want to photograph YOU, in all your glory and laughter and create images that will bring a warmth of remembrance to these special days when Future You looks at them again and again. Time goes fast, kids grow, people change, so let me capture your life as it is now. Crooked teeth, funky hair-dos, silly grins and all :)

And to all you Moms, I am you. I know you worry about losing "those last 10 lbs" or getting the perfect haircut, or waiting until you feel better about something else in your life, but let's be honest here - there will ALWAYS be something, some reason to say "maybe later" and put off booking those family photos. I have done the same thing over and over and finally we just booked a date and went for it. And even though I do not love MYSELF in all of them, I love that I am IN the images, and my kid's will have those memories one day down the road. So just do it, call your favourite photographer and book your family photos now before you change your mind (and thank me later!) xo.