Tiny Township Family Farm Wedding | kalli & mitch

I met Kalli and Mitch for the first time at their engagement session. (⬅️check it out)It was a cold and snowy November morning and we went to the beach! So their wedding day was a much warmer time - although it was crazy windy as you may see from some of the images.

{Brides - If you wear a long veil, and its windy, expect to play around for awhile with some fun artsy photos!}

Both of Kalli and Mitch’s families welcomed us with open arms and we had a great day. So many laughs, (Kalli your Dad is hilarious), tears, moments and more. Such a perfect day. The wedding took place at a family farm in Tiny, Township (ever heard of it!?) and Mitch’s family members did a lot of work getting the place prepped and ready for all the guests! So good job to them!

Basically, it was all perfect, Kalli and Mitch are the best, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in their marriage journey!

xo, Love, Bee