Letters To My Daughter | March 2014 | Her: In Black and White

Happy Birthday to my sweet Magoo.  Three years old. 3! THREE! Where did the time go?

It seems like only yesterday you were born, covered in red rashes and hives, my sensitive one.  We brought you home to meet your big brother, and the rest is history.  Yet at the same time I feel you have always been here. It is hard to remember a time that you were not in our lives. And I know you likely have always been here, in my heart and soul, waiting to emerge a little person when you are ready. Always when you are ready.  Miss Independent! But this independent nature makes you so incredibly smart.  You can already zip your jacket, and your friend's jackets at daycare, and you were only 2! You learn quick, the good and bad ;)

My Magoo, your Daddy and I are so proud of everything you have become in three short years. You amaze me daily, and I cannot even image who you will become. I know it will be something incredible.  But for now sweet girl, stay little. Play a lot, have fun, stay smart and enjoy your childhood! Be good, keep smiling and making us laugh every day.  I hope you always keep that amazing sense of humour because at only three years old, you are hysterical. Your father and I laugh with you every single day. And often share a look of "who is this kid?!" I love it, I love that sweet and sassy combination of personality.  I love the grumpy as well as the kind. The black with the white, and all of the colours in between ♥

Happy Birthday my sweet soulmate,

Love Mommy