Why I Love Shooting Film

Freedom. Imperfections. Anticipation. 

Those are just some of the reasons I love shooting film over digital for my own personal work. Let's talk about why. 


When i have my digital camera I tend to overshoot, always thinking about the next shot, always planning that "perfect" image in my head.  For example our trip to California where I took over 2000 shots and guess how many I have edited in the almost 3 years since we went? Maybe 30. They are sitting on my hard drive. Many repeat shots - same story, same posing, same light. Why do I think one shot 3 seconds after the first would be so much better than the last? No idea..you tell me!  With film, I get either 16 or 36 shots depending on what camera I am using that day.  And since every frame literally costs me money, I am much more picky with what I am shooting and tend to shoot a MAX of 2 frames of a similar image.  Best of all, the kids and hubby like when I bring my film camera because I pay more attention to them and not my camera! 

Holga with Ektar Film


Sometimes those shots turn out amazing. Sometimes they suck. Enough said :) 

But to be honest, I love them all. I love the rawness of film, the nostalgic feel I get looking at them and knowing one day my grandkids will see them and think they look so "retro" is kind of cool! 

I give myself freedom to try new film stocks and cameras and shooting settings to see what happens.  This summer I tried slide film for the first time and honest, I did not get the amazing results that others get, but now I know what to expect or how to shoot it differently next time. 

Or how about some black and white film in a very old Rolliecord camera that was totally new to me? I'd say now its one of my favourite cameras! 

Film loves light and after shooting so much digital it can sometimes be tough to remember to meter for the shadows and not the highlights! Often Ill underexpose and that stinks (like this first image) but honest, who cares! Its still my sweet sleeping toddler and I love the nostalgic feel of this image.

Anticipation -  the number 3 reason I love shooting film! Its like Christmas every time you get that email saying "your scans are ready to download" Good or bad, I can't wait to see them especially when its a casual roll that you had been shooting all summer! 

One tip  - if you view your scans and are lessed than pleased..take a day or two and come back to them. I promise once the expectations are gone you will love them for what they are! 

Now I just have to get my butt in gear to order prints of these gems! 

Now that you scrolled through our summer, click this link and check out Carrie's blog post of her summer on film! They are beautiful perfect summer images of sand and sea!