St. Lawrence Market Kitchen Wedding | Downtown Toronto Wedding Photographer

What a great wedding! This couple and I had a lot of fun at their previous engagement session so going into the wedding I felt pretty comfortable with them!  Robyn and Mike`s personalities shown through every detail of this wedding - to Robyn`s glittery GOLD wedding dress,  the venue at the St Lawrence Market Kitchen, the details, the midnight S`Mores Buffet, and even both of their mom`s speeches, complete with an embarrassing throwback slideshow of each of them!  (Good job Moms!)

Once again I had a couple choose to do a First Look! I loooove when couples do first looks! Yes it takes away the surprise at the altar, but oftentimes that altar first look is so quick and on display, that the couple does not really get to soak it in. Plus they are often nervous with everyone watching them!  A pre-ceremony first look is awesome - and I always give my couple a few moments (or as long as they would like) right after to just chat and hug and kiss and enjoy the moment of seeing each other dressed in their wedding gear for the first time!

Anyway, I am going to stop gushing about this wedding and let you enjoy it. And I will apologize now for the extreme amount of photos to come......

Cheers and congrats to you, Robyn and Mike - may you live a long life of happiness and laughter together xo♥