Letter to My Son | March Blog Circle | Alliston Family Photographer

It's mid-March, and the first day of Spring, and also the 3rd month of the "Letters to Our Children" blog circle that I participate in with some amazing photographers around the globe! 

Next up is my friend Carrie - we have been in blog circles together for awhile now so its fun to see her kids grow up! Click here to go to her blog next! 

This month, my 3rd baby is up...

Dearest Little O, 

I remember this time two years ago.  You were in my belly and I was hoping ready to come out at any time. But like all my children, you all seem pretty comfortable in my tummy and are never in any rush to come out and see the world! Seeing as I had two prior c-sections, you were scheduled as per Doctor's orders to come out that way as well.  So I waited until April, patiently, maybe not-so patiently, to see your beautiful face.   

But then you arrived, and I cannot believe it was almost 2 years ago already! Time flies when you are having fun. You have been the sweetest and easiest baby around - so much that I tell anyone hesitant to have a third baby that all will be good and the thirds the charm :)  (PS...to my first and second, you are charms too)

Here is a lookback at your hospital experience.  wow.

The day we brought you home was a snowy one.  First week of April and there was still snow on the ground! Needless to say, you love outdoors now - snow, rain, sun, doesn't matter, you just throw on your little yellow rain boots and try to escape to the backyard at any given moment. And since you know how to open all the doors around here, we have to be careful to keep an eye on you! 

Right now you are beginning to get a little feisty though, the "terrible twos" may be emerging! We have a few dramatic moments each day that consist of you throwing yourself face down on the floor and crying and yelling NOOOOO, when you do not get your way. And a little experimentation with hitting and pushing your siblings, and even your parents at times! Lets hope this is a phase, which I am sure it is, and I often find myself saying "You are lucky you are so cute, Kid!".  Regardless of the dramatics, you are sweet as pie and my baby boy forever, complete with that same one dimple as your Dad and brother, those loving eyes and of course the huge paws that indicate my tiny babe may end up being the biggest at some point!  

I haven't had time to take you out for a proper 2 year old photo shoot yet, so Im just going to share some fun candid moments around the house. Although candid does not seem to work too well with you as any time you see the camera you stop and say "cheeeeeese". I did NOT teach you that!  But it is frikken adorable. 

Happy Pre-2nd Birthday my little bug, 

Love Mama