You Make Being A Big Sister Seem Easy | Letters to My Children | February | Alliston Family Photographer

Dear M, 

I look at you and often have to close my eyes and do a double take.  I am not entirely sure when you grew up to be a little girl, and not my baby anymore.  Since you started Kindergarten last fall you have blossomed into this smarter, more beautiful, and calmer version of yourself.  But luckily for me, you still give Mommy cuddles and love and kisses, enough to make me still see that little babe inside of you. :) (and that makes me happy!) 

I have to touch on how amazing you are with your little brother lately. The two of you are peas in a pod, always hanging out and running around and playing dress up and having a good time.  You teach him right from wrong, and are always by his side ready to help him if he gets stuck or needs something or has a boo-boo.  You have become a natural mother-figure to him and that makes me so reassured knowing I can trust you with him at anytime.  

In less than 2 months you will be a double big sis as your new sister will be arriving. You already call her "my baby" which sometimes confuses me as I think you are talking about your toy doll! But nope, you are talking about that little one living in my belly as if she is already here.  About how you will dress her, and change her, and read to her and teach her everything. It warms my heart and I cannot wait to see the two of you grow up together.  

Until then, lets enjoy the last 2 months of you being my baby girl, and please know that you will always be my first baby girl which holds a special spot in my heart. 

xoxox Sweet Girl, 

Love Mama

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