Letters to My Children | The Master Builder | Alliston Family Photographer

I am SO excited to take part in a "Letters to our Children" blog circle featuring many other amazing photographers again! I took a break last year and really missed this special project. It let me take time each month to write each of my kids a little note, and feature them in a few photos. 

This year we have a lot of new photographer faces, many who shoot ONLY film, some hybrid (meaning they shoot both film and digital) and some digital. Its really cool to see all the different styles of photography and even more, to read their special letters! 

Once you finish up with my post, click over to Connecticut and  Elizabeth's blog to read her letter and view her beautiful children's photography.  

Now for my letter ....

To my "big" O, 

you are seven. I cannot believe it actually. I look at you (I mean, stare at you) sometimes and just cannot comprehend that you are the tiny peanut that I gave birth to so few years ago.  You spend hours a night reading in your bed, you love fact books about dinosaurs or animals (dangerous ones!), sharks, space and anything army related, just like your dad.  Lego is a go-to activity as well as colouring with your sister and a ton of creative play.

I am not sure when you turned into this little man. Not so much a child anymore, but a young boy.  BUT you are still my little guy, my snuggle-bum, my sweet as pie, tender hearted gentle soul. You take things to heart and often get upset by little things, which I love about you. I know that no matter what you do in life, you will do it with good intentions and kindness. 


Love Mommy