A Whole lot of Handsome Men | Groom Photography | Alliston Wedding Photographer

I figured a title of "handsome men" would get your attention, No?

Usually we find a lot of bride images online so let's mix it up today and feature the guys!

2014 had me shooting a lot of weddings, some on my own and often alongside some of my favourite photographers.  I love second shooting weddings because I can be a tad bit more creative and I have the bonus of not having to edit a bazillion photos after! :)

But that also means I hardly get around to looking at the photographs I did take, until the cold winter when I have more time for fun editing!  (Which is now)

Often as the second photographer you are given the task of hanging with the boys before the ceremony, which is usually fun and chilled out! So for this post I thought I would share some of my favourite Groom photos from 2014.

Images posted were shot at weddings alongside Carolyn Bentum Photography, Jenn Eggleston Photography and Liz Heikoop Photography