Cherish Workshop Toronto at Graydon Hall Manor | Toronto Wedding Photographer

I had the privilege of attending an amazing wedding workshop back in May, hosted by Laura Olsen Events.  The two days were full of amazing inspiration from so many vendors, fun little workshops on styling (which is something I know little about!), and a gazillion opportunities for photographing beautiful people and things!  The best part was meeting so many wonderful people, especially Laura, she is full of sunshine and creativity and I am so happy she put this course together for us stylists and photographers!  I also got to listen to the AMAZING and colourful Tiffany Pratt.  My mind left her talk full and ready to change my whole mindset on my business and photography style.  She also inspired me to go home and add a whole crapload of colour to my house and life! Let`s brighten the day, and give no care to what people think. (i had already painted my dining room turquoise a month previous, so I think I may have already been on the right track as to where I wanted to go with my style).  Another gem in the mix - the talented and knowledgeable brain behind The Wedding Sparrow, Sara. She is super sweet and helpful and very encouraging.  One day I will get featured on her site...its a goal!  There are really way too many awesome people I met to list them all, but I will list them all at the bottom of the post!

Overall, the biggest thing I learned is how valuable a wedding planner/stylist is and I will be suggesting to all my new couples they look into hiring one!

I am sharing my film images from the workshop as part of my Film Blog Circle for this month! I was shooting with my Pentax 645n MF film camera, on Portra 400, Portra 800 and also Fuji 400h. It was a good day to shoot all three stocks and compare which I like best. Conclusion - I still do not know! I love how all of them turned out! (Thanks Caribou Lab!)

NOW! MOre filmy eye -candy...pop over to see Erica's blog of summer images! Beeee-utiful!

Styling and Planning: Laura Olsen Events

Florals: Blush and Bloom
Veil: Posh Veils 

Dresses: Catharine Langois


Jewelry Hattitude Jewellery
Film Scan Lab: Caribou Labs
Venue: Graydon Hall Manor