10 on 10 Freelensed | Georgetown Ontario Photographer

Every month I participate in a monthly blog circle with some other wonderful photographers from The Bloom Forum.  On the tenth of the month we will post 10 images. Anything we want.  This month I have been experimenting a lot with Freelensing.  This is a technique where you take your lens off of your camera body and move it around until you focus. It gives sort of a tilt shift effect, with some blur and beautiful bokeh! (

I wrote a tutorial for Clickin Moms forum, if you are a member, click here!

If you are not a member, I also posted it here on my blog!

Here are some images I have taken this past month using Freelensing. Most were shot with either a 50mm 1.8, or 85mm 2.0 lens.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that there is finally something pretty to shoot around here, rather than snow and ice?!