What's in a Name - Why I named my business Love Bee Photography

Im always asked "What does Love Bee mean?" So I thought I would let you all know in a quick post. No, it has nothing to do with bumble bees. There are no buzzing insects in my logo, nor does my branding have any yellow or black stripes or any yellow at all! I guess that is people's first instinct to assume Bee means an actual bee. 

My name is Bobbi-Jo (as you know) and the short form of that is BJ. As a child most people called me Bj, or Bee, or Beej.  Most close friends still call me all those names actually, I only started using Bobbi-Jo when I became an adult and realized I needed something more "professional". 

ANyway, as a child I always signed my name with a heart then the name Bee. Like this. (Minus the photography and in little kid messy script)

So when I was deciding on a business name it only seemed natural to name my business the same way, almost as if I were signing a letter, or love note. And my business is all about love stories so it seemed to fit. However, you can't search google for a heart, and therefore had to change the heart to the actual word Love.  

And there you have it folks! Thats how Love Bee Photography came to be.  How did you come up with your business name? I would love to hear!