Letter to my Children Monthly Blog Post June 2014

This month a couple of us in the blog circle decided to try something a little different. We chose a word and we get five minutes to talk about it in our letter.  This month the word is Discover.

Five minutes. GO....

Dear Miss Magoo

I call you my threenager. Three going on thirteen. Anyone who has ever been a teenager or raised a teenage will not need to ask why.  They will understand.

However, Miss, you are only three and as much as I love you and want you to grow up, you have a LOT of time left until you reach that stage. Lots to discover, lots to learn, lots more to do and see and be.  Please just stay Mommy's baby girl for as long as you can! I promise you, there is no rush to grow up.  There are paths to hike, mountains to climb, waters to sail.

You are a wonderful big sister, this role suits you perfectly. It amazes me to watch you play wiht your babies in the same way I take care of your baby brother.  Your babies are swaddled and rocked and taken for walks. And yes, even put in "time out" now and then! You are patient and kind and have taken to this new position in your life gracefully. We have our moments here and there where Mommy and Daddy must tell you to be a little more gentle with the baby, but who doesn't want to squish and squeeze a cute little baby, right?! :)

Well, my five minutes is up. My sweet girl, all Mommy wants is for you to slow down and enjoy every moment of your little life...the world is yours. ♥

Love Mommy xo

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