Alton Mill Arts Centre Wedding | Caledon Wedding Photographer | Tony and Holley

The purples, the lavender, the laid back vibe, the amazing couple....nothing beats a wedding like this! Seeing as Tony is a wedding photographer himself, I was a little nervous about shooting this wedding! But they were happy, so I was happy! 

The Alton Mill is pretty amazeballs. Its an art gallery with some cool rooms to host events, all in this brick and concrete basement with moody light and funky features.  The grounds are awesome too, with some old stone ruins and fields and bridges and woods and everything you need for creative and fun photography!

Holley and Tony are an amazing couple who have been together since they were pretty young. I am lucky to photograph a lot of couples who have a long love story.  Hearing all the stories during the day and through the speeches really fills my own heart and I feel really blessed to be a part of the day. 

To Tony and Holley, I appreciate your laid-back vibe, your sense of humour, your tender sides and am so grateful you indluced me as part of your day! 

xoxo, Love Bee