It`s all in the Details | Wedding Decor Photography | Alliston Wedding Photographer

Details details details!  Since the dawning of Pinterest it seems that details play an even bigger role in weddings that in the past.  Many DIY ideas, beautiful themes, gorgeous decor that the Bride and Groom spend so much time perfecting. And this also means that photographing the wedding decorations becomes almost as important as photographing the actual ceremony itself!  And why not, when so much blood, sweat and tears go into making every single details perfect? I would want it all photographed as well, to remember forever, and maybe also to show off to friends and family a bit  :) Why wouldn't you!? Its your hard work and we all want to be congratulated for that!

This past summer gave me the opportunity to shoot so many gorgeous weddings.  The theme of the summer was Rustic and DIY. I actually think this is a trend that will continue for awhile. Its simple, sweet and so very pretty!

Let's take a look at all the simple decor of 2014 shall we!?