Holi Powder Family Photo Shoot and some Tips to Make it Awesome

How To Plan an Amazing Photo Shoot with Holi Powder

Every year I meet up with Nancy and her family to do a yearly family portrait session. We have done some fun sessions in the past but I think this year takes the cake! We planned over a year ago to use Holi Powder and make a mess, throwing it at each other and having fun! I think this year's family session is going to be hard to top! Anyone have ideas for next year's?

family covered in HOli Powder

Here are some quick tips if you plan to do a session with coloured Holi Powder. 

Tip #1 - Just Buy It! At first I was not able to find it in stores, only for a really high price on Amazon, so I googled and found a ton of recipes online for DIY Holi Powder.  FIVE days later, I made about 6 bags of it and let me tell you, it was a P.I.T.A.  Plus, I followed a recipe that used flour, and flour does not stick when its dry, so when we threw it, it did practically nothing.  Good thing about 3 days before the shoot my friend messaged me and offered to give me a ton of bags of the real stuff.  Buy the real stuff, it sticks to skin and is super vibrant and awesome! 

Family throwing holi powder at one another

Tip #2 - If you are a photographer and plan to do a session with coloured powder, make sure you cover your camera. And shoot with a long lens.  I was smart enough to wrap my camera and lens in a plastic ziplock - super easy, I just put an elastic around the lens. And it was still covered in spots of powder, so be warned.  You will get messy. My hands also have some pretty spots of bright pink on them, but its all in good fun! 

throwing coloured powder for a photo shoot

Tip #3 - If you have light coloured hair - beware the colour may not wash out right away. It will come out but may take a few washings. (Ask Nancy who still has blue hair the next day). One tip i read online was to apply rosemary or lemon essential oil or even coconut oil to your hair BEFORE you use the holi powder, this will stop it from sticking as much and easier to wash out. 

Couple having a holi powder fight

Tip #4 - Wash your clothes in cold water.  Or better yet, head to Walmart for a cheap t-shirt and shorts and wear bare feet.  Then you can just throw it all out to the garbage after. 

Children covered in HOli powder Photo SHoot
Holi Powder Family Photography-28.jpg
Family jumping in the air covered in powder
family covered in holi coloured powder

OH MAN, I had such a fun time doing this session! So much that editing it was even fun and its blogged in 24 hours :) I think that is a record! So ya, if you want your photos quickly, do something really freaking epic!