Boho Backyard Wedding | Beeton Tottenham | Chris and Emilee

I was not sure what to write about Emilee and Chris as there are so many great things to say! These two have known each other pretty much their whole lives. Chris is actually one of Emilee's brother's best friends! So when these two families merged as one on their wedding day it already felt natural to all involved. 

Chris and Emilee are two of the kindest people you will ever meet. We first hung out when they took me back to the University of Toronto campus, where they both attended post secondary school, for their engagement shoot.  We had a great time and it was fun spending the evening getting to know them before their wedding. (One reason I love when couples choose to do engagement sessions!).  The wedding day was filled with love and their personalities and faith really shone through the entire day! 

I adore Emilee's boho natural style and saw so many touches of that throughout her big day from the Bridesmaid's hair styles, to her floral crown, and the really natural greenery that was displayed throughout both the ceremony and the reception. Janna from Wildernis Floral in Collingwood did an amazing job with the florals and I swoon every time I see something new that she posts on her Instagram page! Oh and 2017 brides, greenery is a big trend for weddings this year!  

Another big trend we are seeing lately is mismatched dresses and suits for the wedding party. Emilee pulled this off as well! Each of the girls chose a dress that flattered their unique styles, for both the style and the shade of blue!  So Em, I have to say, you are way ahead of your time with all these wedding decisions, you trendy girl, you! 

Having a wedding reception in your parent's backyard is also something I personally love! Its a lot of work for Mom and Dad and Emilee's father was outside fixing things up until the last possible minute, but they pulled it off and with a view like they have, it was incredible! 

Now I leave you with the images of the day, but before that here are some words from the Bride and Groom and how they felt about it all! 

What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

For me, the most important thing was to figure out what the 'theme' was going to be; not 'theme' in the traditional or eccentric sense, but the look or feeling I wanted to weave itself through the day, what I wanted to be apparent to guests as they experienced the wedding -- whether it was the decor or scheduling, or any other element. I wanted our wedding to represent us; I wanted people to see us through every detail of our day.  

What do you remember most about your wedding day?

Probably the repeated realization throughout the day that I had just gotten to marry my best friend. The moment we had waited for for so long had finally happened! 

Any wedding planning advice you’d like to share?

During the planning phase, a lot of people told me not to sweat the small stuff, or not to worry if the day didn't go perfectly. As a detail-oriented/organized person, that kind of advice stressed me out more. So for the very organized bride who feels like it is in her power to mitigate the amount of things that can go wrong...go for it! I made a very detailed and itemized chart/matrix with sorted categories (e.g. flowers, photographer, catering, etc.), subcategories (e.g. research photographer, meeting with photographer, downpayment paid, etc.), and then who's responsibility it was, its deadline, and its status. Every week I sat down with those who were helping me plan, and went through the list to see where everything was at. It was so helpful, and everything we wanted to get done, did get done. It was a lot of work and quite overwhelming to compile the initial list and think of everything we had to do, but I am so glad we did that.    

How did you choose your wedding photographer?

For us, the most important thing was the photographer's style; mainly photo composition and editing style. We were so excited to find Bobbi-Jo - not only was she local, but her style was so personal, detailed and natural. Once we found Bobbi-Jo, choosing the photographer was probably the easiest part of our wedding planning journey!

Any advice for future couples? 

Honestly, the age-old advice holds true. Treasure your relationship above all things. Don't get so wrapped up in planning that you don't take time to be together. Go on dates where you don't discuss anything wedding related. And for us, the greatest thing was going on a honeymoon right after the wedding (we left from the venue). It was so nice to get away for a week to relax and have fun together.