Get your booty on the Dance Floor! | Best Receptions of 2016

Instead of posting a bunch of pretty pictures for my first "Best of 2016" feature, I thought Id be a little different and share the craziest, most hilarious dance party photos from some of my 2016 weddings! 

We all know your wedding is not just about the couple right? You have a very curated guest list and everyone is there for a reason. And these days, a wedding is about having fun and celebrating with the newly married couple! Personally I love when a couple asks me to stay longer into the dance party because they end up being some of my most favourite images as well as the couples! Yes, there may be a few not-so flattering "dance faces" thrown in there but I know my couples have a great time looking through them and sharing with guests after the wedding! 

So sit back, turn on the song that gets you dancing, and enjoy!