It's Your Day to Shine - and why I love Unplugged Weddings Toronto Wedding Photographer

Let me start by saying, your wedding is YOUR wedding, and what you choose to do is up to you, and I will still give you 110% and be the best photographer for your day! That is why you hired me, {I hope!} 

However, I have been in attendance at many weddings as both a guest and a photographer and nothing hurts my soul more than watching the Father of the Bride, or even the Best Man (yes this happened!), watching the ceremony through a camera or cell phone.  YES, you want to capture every moment, I get it! I'm a photographer, of course I get it! But, that is why you hired a professional. So mom and dad can sit back and just enjoy the moment. The BIG moment where their baby girl walks down the aisle, or their youngest son finally ties the knot and leaves the nest! Why wouldn't they want to capture every single second of that?  But lets think for a second, would Mom and Dad really want to miss those twenty or less quick moments just to get a great shot on their own camera?  Or would they want to sit back and enjoy the mood, the atmosphere, the tear in your eye, the tears in their own eyes?  Something to think about, isn't it?

That is why many couples are opting for an Unplugged Ceremony. Not the entire wedding (hey, those dance party candids are always amazing!), but just the ceremony. The part of the day that means the most as you are actually becoming a married couple.

Now how can you politely ask your guests to put away their cameras? You can ask the Officiant to announce before the ceremony something along the lines of "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Couple is asking you put away your phones and cameras for the ceremony today and open your hearts and enjoy this one big moment of their lives through your own eyes. Lets enjoy this time and remember how it feels in our hearts, not through technology".

Unplugged Wedding Announcement at the wedding of Kerri and Travis

Unplugged Wedding Announcement at the wedding of Kerri and Travis

You can put a little homemade sign for guests to see as they find their seats. You can even write it on your wedding invitations, or announce it on your wedding website, to give guests a heads-up before the day. There are so many cute and creative ways to tell your guests that you invited them there to enjoy your marriage ceremony and would appreciate them being present in the moment.

Check out my Pinterest board of some ideas!

Now why do I care so much about my client's having an Unplugged Wedding?  Let me first say that it is honestly not the worry about someone "wrecking" my shot, or getting in my way. Yes, that happens and I sometimes have to shoot around Aunt Martha and Uncle Bob who are both standing in the aisle during the first kiss.  Luckily, I still been able to get all the big important shots in the past regardless of who is in my way.  (But this is something to consider as well!).  The big reason is how much it hurts me to see loved ones not even paying attention to the ceremony or what is going on because they are fiddling with cameras and devices. Honest, that's the reason.  Seeing the look on the Bride's face when she notices that most of the guests are not paying attention to her crushes me.  So people, let's just go back to the "old" days before hand-held technology and just enjoy the moment!


What do you think? I would love to hear!