Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer | Part 2 of 4

Choosing the best wedding photographer

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In this 4 part series we will be talking about some questions you can ask your potential wedding photographers to determine if they are the right fit for you!  In an industry saturated with photographers it can be overwhelming trying to find a match for your big day! There are so many vendors to book and each one comes with unique offerings that sometimes its hard to figure out what is best for you! 

Last week I wrote about how experience is a huge part in choosing a wedding photographer. (click for link) I hope that may have helped some of you when determining the right fit for your big event! Today lets look at another factor that plays a role in helping to set apart the good photographers from the best photographers! 


Yes, this is the most important part of this experience! Your photos are all you have left to remember your wedding and you want them to be perfect! 

Some things to ask or consider when choosing your wedding photographer:

How does the photographer edit the images? Are they too dark or too light for your taste? Do skin tones look too orange or yellow? Does skin tone look "normal" to you?

Does the photographer use an editing technique that may eventually be considered “dated” rather than a clean timeless look? For example, a filter effect, dark edges, sepia tone or other colours that look like an Instagram filter? Those are fun for your snapshots, but maybe not your wedding images! 

What do you first notice about the photographers images? Do they seem edited cleanly or do you notice blemishes, awkward poses or distracting elements to the image? 

Are the images consistent throughout their website or portfolio? Ask to see an entire wedding to determine if all images look coherent or if they are all edited differently.  Often you may see different “looks” based on the lighting but overall they should flow throughout.  This also applies if they use a second photographer - who edits the images the assistant shot and are they technically as good as the main photographer? 

Does the photographer edit consistently from wedding to wedding? This is how you know you will get what you are seeing! 

What style of images are you wanting? Fun and flirty, dark and dramatic, pops of colour, a soft film look, or maybe more editorial? There are so many options and make sure to communicate this with your photographer and determine if their style is what you want for your final images!  Even if you love a certain photographer's work, it may not be the best "style" for your own wedding images. Make sure you can picture yourself in those images!


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