Ayshia ♥ Misha's Country Camping Wedding | Mansfield Outdoor Center | Mansfield Wedding Photographer

I have no idea how I forgot to blog this wedding! NO IDEA. It was my favorite for so many reasons. The bride and groom are amazing. They love each other like it is their last day together and it shows in every single image I took that day.  They are hilarious and fun and I felt like a guest at this wedding, not just the hired help :) The wedding was held at a fun little campground. They rented the entire camp out for family and friends to stay the weekend. They named each cabin with personal inside-joke names. They laughed and cried and the very best part of this wedding was that I knew it was about Ayshia and Misha and their life together, not just a big show or event put together for everyone else, which often weddings can become. This was a celebration of their life and love.

(and I apologize for this massive blog post but there are too many images I love!}

Wedding Dress The Bride's Project (where people donate their used wedding dresses, and the in turn the charity sells them with the proceeds going to cancer charities)

Caterer- The Flying Chestnut, Eugenia

Location- Mansfield Outdoor Centre, Mansfield

Flowers- Delta Dawn Floral, Toronto

Rentals- Totally Covered Event Rentals, Alliston

Officiant- Mary Piercy

Floral Displays and Bouquets- Bridal party and friends