Letters to Our Children Monthly Circle July 2014

My dear little O

Three months you are already.  Where has the time gone? Days go by and I wonder if I held you enough or laughed with your or taught you enough that day.  Being the third baby, and having your two big siblings home every day since its summer break, I feel you do not get the quality time you need (or maybe that mom needs?).  And if I hold you too much I feel the others do not get enough Mom-time. Ah, the joys of having 3 children! (wink).

Actually little one, it is a joy. You are AMAZING. You eat well and sleep awesome and I have not felt that overwhelming-too-tired-need-a-break feeling that I had with the other two at this point.  You are making this transition pretty darn easy and I love you even more for that.  As does Mommy's sanity ♥

My dear Oscar, how much I love you I cannot express. You fit into our home as though you were always here and we enjoy you in our own ways.  Some of us (Miss M) may be a little too rough while others may be a tad too protective (Big O).

But we love you in our own ways. And are happy you joined us.

Love Mommy xo♥