Mother's Day Mini Sessions | On Film | Georgetown Ontario Family Photographer

I am shooting more film again. And I am in LOVE with film. The colours always turn out perfect, no more spending hours and hours at the computer trying to make a digital image LOOK like film, or at least look correct.  There is something magic about it.  Viewing my film scans give me a sense of nostalgia....It brings me back to when I was a child, a teen, a young adult and the thousands of images I shot and developed and crammed into endless amounts of photo albums.

After several years of shooting digital, I feel a twist in the go back to film.  I do not think I will go back completely, there is something "safe" about digital and being able to shoot thousands of images at once, especially if I am shooting a wedding or fast running children! However, I am planning to start incorporating some film into some sessions and see where it takes me.  Likely somewhere that makes my heart sing! ♥ 

If you are interested in a film only session - couples, family, children, newborn...send me an email and I will give you a special promo rate!

Anyway...enough about film and me....just show us the images BobbiJo!! A handful of film shots from last weekend.  They are in no means perfect. I have a long way to go to "relearn" this craft! But i do love the colours!

Canon EOS Rebel 2000 | Fuji Superia 400